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Ministering to Those Who Minister

It is sometimes asked, “Who ministers to the needs of those who minister? Where do our Christian workers go when they are in crisis or have family problems?” More often than not, many, including Christian workers themselves, have a difficult time addressing this question. A common answer given is, “I guess that they just have to trust God.” While trusting God is certainly a key element in any trying situation, we, the Body of Christ, are called to minister to one another. Christian workers are also part of this Body; yet, because they are often in a place of leadership, many feel that sensitive problems cannot be shared with their fellow colleagues or with those to whom they minister.


Barnabas Pacific

The name “Barnabas” means “son of encouragement”. Here on the Bay of Plenty on the sunny eastern coast of the north island of New Zealand, Barnabas Pacific seeks to be just that: a ministry of encouragement for vocational Christian workers serving in the Pacific region. As part of the overall Christian community, it endeavors to work in a complementary and reciprocal referral relationship with existing pastoral care ministries in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of care provision.
Barnabas Pacific is especially designed to strengthen the lives and families of Christian workers. It serves as an interdenominational support for pastors, missionaries and others in church and parachurch staff positions who seek a place for renewal, restoration, and recovery. Barnabas Pacific provides a safe haven of solitude and confidentiality in which such issues as marital crises, stress, burnout, staff/team relations, and interpersonal or vocational conflicts may be worked through while at the same time fostering rest and refreshment. Therefore, it functions as a preventative for chronic problems whose occurrence would require long-term treatment or even resignation from vocational Christian service.


Barnabas Pacific Counseling Staff

Dr. Steven Williams holds the Ph.D. from Florida State University (USA) in Family Therapy and Family Social Science. and holds the M.A. in Theological Studies and Interpersonal Relations from Wheaton Graduate School (USA). Since 1990 Dr. Williams has served in international ministry. He is married and has two children.